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April 11, 2014

Heartbleed Bug: Change Your Passwords!

Change all your passwords - someone might already have access to your Facebook and Gmail! There is a critical error in SSL, dubbed the heartbleed bug, that  might have exposed your private information to hackers.

heartbleed bug

It sounds bittersweet and even romantic, but the heartbleed bug is nothing of the sort. It is an overlooked snippet of code found in OpenSSL that sends information from a supposedly secure website to any third party aware of this internet vulnerability.

See the "https" that you see when you are viewing Facebook or Gmail? The "s" right after http stands for "secure". But because of faulty coding a.k.a. the heartbleed security bug, your information - including your usernames and passwords - is not secure at all.

Paradoxically, accessing your account to change your password might put you more at risk. So, before you change your passwords, read on.

March 27, 2014

Motorino II Turntables in Manila | Gadget Feature

Oh, yes, vinyl is bliss. This opinion was reinforced after I attended the launch of Motorino II turntables by Satchmi, an event that will make any tech addict pee his pants! But what makes vinyl even better are the revamped Motorino II turntables now available in Manila.

Motorino II turntableThe Motorino II models are what I prefer to call "affordable luxury". Priced at PhP7799, these babies are definitely luxury you can afford.

Before the advent of Motorino turntables, listening to a vinyl record in your home was tantamount to selling a kidney. "Customers might spend around PhP50,000 just to get a turntable running," Satchmi marketing director Edric Chua said, referring to the installation of a sound system for a functional turntable.

Vinyl Makes a Comeback

You know what they say about everything vintage: They're bound to make a comeback. In the case of vinyl, that's definitely true.

vinyl record
vinyl records for sale

Vinyl was hot the past year. Even the first batch of Motorino turntables went out of stock for six months before the launch of its newer, better alter-ego! "Customers decided to wait for Satchmi's Motorino II instead of buying other brands during those six months," Chua said.

March 26, 2014

Satchmi Launches the Motorino II Turntable | Tech Event

Satchmi, Motorino II, vinyl: Do these words ring a bell? No? Then you probably didn't know about the launch of Motorino II turntables by Satchmi, held at the EDSA Beverage Design Group on March 22, 2014. And that's too bad.

Satchmi Motorino II

Warning: You might end up buying Motorino II for yourself if you keep reading this blog post!

If you take your love of music seriously, you will find vinyl records the quintessential representation of everything we love about music. In its vinyl form, music is handled with care, lest it break. Vinyl is music we not only listen to, but also behold as eye candy.

People say vinyl records and turntables are old-school. I beg to disagree; I believe they are old-world - and yes, that's better.