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July 20, 2014

Win the Doggins Game for iOS! | Game App Review + Giveaway

Do dogs dream? If you had a dog, you would know that the answer was yes. Now, imagine yourself watching that dream from a dog’s point of view – that would pretty much be how it feels like to play Doggins, an iOS game app!

Doggins app for iOSDoggins looks quite charming, doesn’t it? Well, it is.

Giveaway alert: Doggins is not a free app. It costs $3.99 – I know, bummer! But here at Tech Envy, you can get the Doggins app absolutely free.

Doggins for iOS: Barking at the Right Tree

If you love dogs and games, it makes sense for you to gravitate towards Doggins, a game app made for iOS. But before you hit the install button, there are 5 surprising things about the Doggins app that you need to know.

And because we love you, we are giving away promo codes for lucky readers. Just keep doing what you’re doing – reading, that is – and you’ll find out how to download the app for free. (Update: There are two promo codes left! Hurry!)

June 21, 2014

5 Compelling Reasons Not to Buy the Cheaper Apple iMac

In an attempt to get Windows users to join the iFaithful crowd, Apple just released a 21.5-inch iMac that’s about $200 (about PhP9,000) cheaper than regular Mac desktops. But here are 5 reasons you shouldn’t buy the cheaper Apple iMac – that is, if you don’t want to end up with what can only be called a “lemon”.

cheaper Apple iMac

We appreciate Apple’s efforts to make their computers more accessible to the masses. But there are 5 reasons you shouldn’t buy the cheaper iMac. And believe us when we say the reasons are compelling.

Cheaper Apple iMac Infiltrates Windows Market

Would Steve Jobs turn in his grave if he found out Apple is now selling cheaper versions of his beloved gadgets? Given the market trend, probably not; after all, the shift to cheaper, more reasonably-priced smartphones and computers is one that’s a long time coming. However, Apple’s recent move to offer cheaper iMacs is nothing short of “not worth it.”

“Has Apple done it?
Has the cheaper iMac finally made Apple appear, well, cheap?”

April 26, 2014

Brushstroke for iPad | App Review

When I received a request to have the Brushstroke app for iPad reviewed for Tech Envy, my first reaction was, "Meh." It was probably another photo app used to doll up Instagram, I thought. Wow, I couldn’t have been more wrong! (Spoiler: We are giving away this paid app to one lucky reader in five days! Details below.)

Here's another spoiler: If you make a digital painting, you can have a real one delivered to your doorstep via the Brushstroke app!

Brushstroke appA zoomed-in sample painting made via Brushstroke

I have more than enough photo editing apps on my Android gadgets and publishing a photo app review seemed a little too ordinary. My brother, on the other hand, has very few photo apps on his iPad, so we decided to go ahead with the Brushstroke review. (I’m pitching in on his behalf.)


Brushstroke App for Ipad: App for the Artistically Challenged?

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