March 19, 2014

JuiceBoxx: Portable Power Bank for Nomophobes

If you’ve never heard of the power bank JuiceBoxx before, chances are, you don’t quite know what you’re missing. It’s a portable charger that can charge tablets and phones!

Juiceboxx power bank


JuiceBoxx comes in two models: the regular model can be charged by plugging it into a power source while the solar unit can also be charged using solar power. Cool, huh? I have the solar-powered variant and I love how I’m charging my phone for free! Thanks, sun – and thanks, Juiceboxx!

I wrote about JuiceBoxx on my other blog – don’t hesitate to read about the six reasons why I heart JuiceBoxx! I also wrote about nomophobia - it’s something you might have if you’re a techie! In the meantime, here are a few more details on the JuiceBoxx solar charger.

How to Charge JuiceBoxx

When the sun is out, I leave the solar charger near my window and it’s fully charged in about 18 hours! You might think that’s a long time, but think of it this way: You’re getting power for absolutely free – and you’re helping the environment by going green!

But if you’re not a hard-core environmentalist, don’t fret; the JuiceBoxx solar gadget charger can also be plugged into a power source, just in case the weather isn’t cooperating. I usually use the USB hub and plug the JuiceBoxx into my laptop if it gets cloudy outside.

It’s just nice to know that in a small way, we’re stepping out of our comfort zones and slowly but surely transitioning into using natural (and can I say free once again?) sources of energy.

Compatible Gadgets

JuiceBoxx can charge just about any smartphone and tablet, may it be Apple or Android. That’s really convenient, given how I’m a true-blue Android user while my brother (who happens to be the other half of Tech Envy, by the way) is one of the iFollowers.

So, whether you’re using an iPhone or an HTC One Max, it won’t matter. You can charge your gadget with JuiceBoxx!

Where to Avail of JuiceBoxx

If you want your very own JuiceBoxx, go visit your nearest S&R outlet. You can also visit Puregold as they also carry JuiceBoxx. The regular unit costs around PhP899 to 999, while the JuiceBoxx solar charger is priced at PhP1,899 to PhP1,999.

JuiceBoxx press launch
Tony Toni talking about his greatest fear: nomophobia!

Just in case you were wondering where JuiceBoxx came from, it’s from a Canadian-based company with a heavy leaning towards its Asian roots. That’s why the Philippines is part of their launch!

The JuiceBoxx units come in cute colors, by the way. Mine is in black because the men in my life use it, too, but you can get one in pink or white if you wish.

It’s lightweight and can fit in your purse. It’s about as big (or slightly bigger) than your smartphone, especially the regular unit, so you won’t be bothered by it at all. If you’re just as addicted to gadgets as I am, the JuiceBoxx portable charger should be part of your to-buy list!


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