March 27, 2014

Motorino II Turntables in Manila | Gadget Feature

Oh, yes, vinyl is bliss. This opinion was reinforced after I attended the launch of Motorino II turntables by Satchmi, an event that will make any tech addict pee his pants! But what makes vinyl even better are the revamped Motorino II turntables now available in Manila.

Motorino II turntableThe Motorino II models are what I prefer to call "affordable luxury". Priced at PhP7799, these babies are definitely luxury you can afford.

Before the advent of Motorino turntables, listening to a vinyl record in your home was tantamount to selling a kidney. "Customers might spend around PhP50,000 just to get a turntable running," Satchmi marketing director Edric Chua said, referring to the installation of a sound system for a functional turntable.

Vinyl Makes a Comeback

You know what they say about everything vintage: They're bound to make a comeback. In the case of vinyl, that's definitely true.

vinyl record
vinyl records for sale

Vinyl was hot the past year. Even the first batch of Motorino turntables went out of stock for six months before the launch of its newer, better alter-ego! "Customers decided to wait for Satchmi's Motorino II instead of buying other brands during those six months," Chua said.

"People are putting a value on physical music, such as vinyl records," said Russ Davis, who hosted the Motorino II launch. "There's the art you see on the cover, the big packaging, and the whole ritual of putting the record on the turntable," he said.

He's right. What's not to love?

Motorino I vs Motorino II: The Face-Off

Now, let's get down to business. When Satchmi came out with the first Motorino turntables, it was almost enough. After all, you get a portable turntable at a price much more affordable than its classic counterparts.

But Motorino II is even better, Chua promised. "We listened to what our clients had to say to develop a new model," he said. Motorino II, in essence, is the product of customer feedback.

What makes Motorino turntables better the second time around? Here's a rundown of its specs, as compared to Motorino I.

  • Magnet cartridge (Motorino I has a ceramic cartridge while the newer Motorino II has a magnetic cartridge. The magnetic cartridge makes use of a moving magnet, giving Motorino II better playback fidelity. It also means your vinyl doesn't get scratched or damaged easily, in contrast to the ceramic pickup.)
  • Longer battery life at 8 hours (the battery of Motorino I lasts 4 hours)
  • Improved built-in speakers (Motorino II’s speakers are much louder now)
  • Added counterweight to ensure that the vinyl doesn't get damaged

Motorino II retained some of the features of Motorino I. These features are shared below.

  • Portable suitcase design
  • Connectivity to external speakers via RCA connector
  • USB connection
  • Can convert from vinyl record to mp3 format

Motorino turntables

Motorino II

As you can see above, Motorino II is available in two colors: ivory and graphite. I prefer the dainty ivory, of course!

Don't worry if you end up ruining the stylus. Satchmi takes the Motorino turntable warranty very seriously, or so I heard. All parts are available, in case your turntable needs repair.

Motorino II vs Other Turntables

Music aficionados of decades ago might say, "This is the way music is meant to be enjoyed: through vinyl records spinning on an old-fashioned turntable." But what about the more modern counterparts of the turntable, such as those with digital AM/FM radios?

Edric Chua of Satchmi

"Our Motorino turntables cater to a different market," Chua said after I asked him that question. (Motorino does not have digital radio.)

Taking his euphemism apart, I believe what he meant was, "Motorino is for true-blue music enthusiasts who prefer their music unadulterated, and rightfully so." Of course, I may be wrong.

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Not a fan of vinyl records? That’s not a crime. But with Motorino II turntables making waves in Manila, I won’t be surprised if everyone starts raving about yesterday’s vinyl culture. Just like fashion, technology has a way of making a huge comeback.



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