March 14, 2014

Not Our First Blog Post

Have you read what my sister, Stef, has published on here? She announced that she wrote the official first blog post of Tech Envy.

Well, excuse me, but I don’t think so.

Tech Envy actually launched last year when it was still on Tumblr. The blog looked awesome there; I loved the clean lines and the minimalist look.

Old Tech EnvyClean lines, minimalist design, awesome interface – ah, the old Tech Envy was a dream.

Okay, maybe I’m biased, because I chose and customized the template, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that whatever my sister published here on Tech Envy’s new platform is not the first blog post.

Sibling Rivalry Gone Techie

But don’t worry; it’s not like we’re fighting. We like to disagree with each other – our arguments fuel our coffee nights and brainstorming sessions. It keeps us on our toes, especially now that we are venturing out of our own comfort zones to develop our very own tech blog.

Fake sibling rivalry aside, I wanted to share with everyone that starting a tech blog has always been my dream. I’m an engineering student and I’m graduating soon. I’ve been a gamer since I could walk (and I’m not even exaggerating). Last but not the least, I have more sense when it comes to gadgets compared to my Android-addicted sister.

Tech bloggers in the Philippines
See my shirt here? It says, “Generation gap”. How very appropriate.

It just makes sense that I keep my sister’s opinions at bay, lest she convince the rest of the world to go Android! God forbid.

Yes, Stef is pro-Android.
She always roots for the underdog. Gah.

In any case, welcome to our revamped Tech Envy! Don’t forget to add us online; we don’t have too many followers yet but you can change that!

Thank you to all of you who have pledged your support as I migrate from my games – basketball, computer, or what-have-you – to this new venture of mine: a tech blog. Let the games begin!


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