March 26, 2014

Satchmi Launches the Motorino II Turntable | Tech Event

Satchmi, Motorino II, vinyl: Do these words ring a bell? No? Then you probably didn't know about the launch of Motorino II turntables by Satchmi, held at the EDSA Beverage Design Group on March 22, 2014. And that's too bad.

Satchmi Motorino II

Warning: You might end up buying Motorino II for yourself if you keep reading this blog post!

If you take your love of music seriously, you will find vinyl records the quintessential representation of everything we love about music. In its vinyl form, music is handled with care, lest it break. Vinyl is music we not only listen to, but also behold as eye candy.

People say vinyl records and turntables are old-school. I beg to disagree; I believe they are old-world - and yes, that's better.

Motorino II Turntables by Satchmi

If you love the idea of elegant, worth-every-penny turntables, you have Satchmi - the company selling these pro-vintage gadgets - to thank for that. Satchmi aims to provide a lifestyle you can buy, giving Manila and the rest of the Philippines their own brand of turntables: Motorino.

Motorino II

"Satchmi started roughly two years ago," explained Edric Chua, managing director of (and one of the brains behind) Satchmi. There was no big push for vinyl records in the Philippines... until Satchmi came along, that is.

Aside from coming up with the Motorino brand of turntables, Satchmi also offers an eclectic collection of vinyl records. During the launch, I drooled over a vinyl of Fleetwood Mac. Francis "Brew” Reyes, on the other hand, coveted the Miles Davis record he saw on the table. (To the uninformed: Francis comes from the iconic Pinoy band, The Dawn – among other things.)

Vinyl record
I'm gonna write a kick-ass article so that Satchmi gives me a Motorino for my efforts! *ehem*


Francis Brew"If only I could take this home," reads Francis Brew's imaginary thought bubble.


And then there was FHM columnist and national bestselling author Stanley Chi. He saw a record which fit his rather very active imagination.

Stanley Chi"Can I haz?" asks Stanley Chi, the talented but lewd columnist behind FHM's One Night Stan.

Satchmi Launches Motorino II Turntables

Before you click on Satchmi's link, take a quick look at what happened during the launch of Motorino II at EDSA Beverage Design Group. Warning: Hotties ahead!

Sarah Gaugler for SatchmiSarah Gaugler kept the music playing.


Diego MapaDiego Mapa shows us we know nothing about turntables – and we don’t mind.

Diego Mapa at the Motorino II launch

Satchmi launches MotorinoSatchmi founders talked about their love for everything vintage.


EDSA Beverage Design Group

music quote

tech writersWishing you were there? I understand. Satchmi throws a helluva party!

Where to Find Motorino II Turntables

If you hate mass-produced products, Satchmi is your go-to store. They have curated vinyl and other products.

Satchmi vinyl records

And if you've always been the vinyl type of person who's had enough of slim pickings in the Philippines, here's a practical solution: Go online and check out Satchmi. You might want to buy their Motorino II as well.

Pretty soon, you can walk into SM Megamall to find the flagship store of Satchmi there! Until then, you can find their vinyls at Astrovision and Astro Plus.

Check out our gadget feature: Motorino II Turntables, right here at Tech Envy. You’ll see it compared to Motorino I, its elder sibling.

Don't have a turntable yet? Motorino II is always available for purchase online. If Satchmi has picked up on my relentless hints, you might find one over at my house, too! A Motorino II turntable sitting on my table - ah, now that is music to my ears.


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