September 08, 2014

Xiaomi Mi 3: 8 Reasons You’re Unlikely to Buy Any Other Phone | Gadget Review

You might be thinking, what’s with all the Mi 3 hype? Is Xiaomi just pulling my leg or is it really all it’s cracked up to be? Here’s our review – plus tips on how to get a Lazada discount.

XiaomiIs the Xiaomi Mi 3 phone really the mid-range Android phone to beat?

If you’re not exactly a techie, don’t sweat it. We got rid of all the engineering mumbo jumbo to come up with a user-friendly guide, just so we can tell you why Mi 3 will probably be your next smartphone purchase.

8 Reasons You’re Likely to Buy Mi 3 from Xiaomi

If you’re looking for a phone that’s neither too cheap it looks like a toy nor too expensive you have to donate a kidney, here’s what you’re most likely to buy: the Mi3 phone from Xiaomi. And here are eight reasons why.

Tip: Get Mi3 with a PhP200 discount. Here’s how.

1. With Mi 3, you can create a WiFi hotspot.

Mi3 XiaomiDoes your tablet need a WiFi connection? Mi3 can take care of that.

Mi3 can provide WiFi for your other gadgets. Simply use your mobile data connection, then activate the WiFi hotspot feature of Mi 3.


2. Mi 3 has an anti-theft program.

Let’s face it: Manila is crawling with muggers. Good thing Mi 3 has an anti-theft program that lets you get back your phone… or at least get back at the pesky mugger who stole it!

Xiaomi Mi 3Did your Mi 3 phone get stolen? Find your phone – and the culprit – using your phone’s anti-theft “find my phone” feature.

After signing up for a Mi account, you can activate the “find my phone” feature of your Mi3. If your phone gets stolen, you can sign in to your account. You then have four options:

a. Locate your stolen/ lost phone via GPS;
b. Lock your phone (Mi sends a text message to your stolen phone which locks it);
c. Activate an alarm (The noisy alarm can be deactivated only if the phone is unlocked correctly); and
d. Erase all files (If you’ve been recording naughty videos on your phone, this is a great feature. You can also prevent the thief from accessing your social networks and apps.)

Lastly, you can access all your friends’ contact numbers and even your photos and videos via Mi Cloud! You may not have your Mi 3 anymore, but you’ll never lose all that important data (see below).


3. You get free cloud storage with Mi 3.

Don’t worry if your Mi 3 doesn’t have a slot for a memory card; it has 16GB of internal storage, after all. But just in case you store a whole lot of videos and plan on downloading dozens of apps, you can always upload your files to the Mi Cloud.

mi 3Store your photos and address book in your very own cloud storage.

You can automate the upload so that whenever you’re online, Mi 3 uploads your files for you. You can also choose which files it should upload (just photos but not your phone book, for instance).


4. Mi 3 offers a hybrid Android-Apple experience.

It almost sounds blasphemous, but it’s the truth.

If you’ve ever used an iPhone, you might find yourself wondering why Mi 3 sort of feels like one. That’s because Xiaomi built a unique interface that brings together Android’s variety and Apple’s elegance! (By the way, the unique interface is called Mi User Interface, or MIUI.)

Mi 3 XiaomiMi 3 is the best of both worlds. Although its operating system is Android, its overall feel is arguably reminiscent of Apple’s iOS.


5. Mi 3 has an HDR camera and high-definition video capacity.

Get 1080p HD videos and high-dynamic-range (HDR) photos with Mi3’s 13MP camera! (This is actually one of the top reasons I bought this phone.)

If you have no inkling what HDR is, here’s what it does. Imagine trying to take a picture in a place where there’s too much light in one area but too little in another. (You usually end up with a dark photo with an overexposed area.) Then, imagine that you can take different photos of one scene in just one click, all of which are taken in different exposures, which are then stitched together to arrive at a photo with just the right exposure for individual areas of the photo.

Xiaomi Mi3Get HDR photos, the way you do with an iPhone. Enjoy HD videos, too!

Whew, that’s a mouthful! Put simply, HDR balances out exposures of different areas of just one photo. Take a look at this ordinary photo (taken without HDR) and its HDR counterpart.

HDR photoHDR makes it look like you’re a pro at estimating exposure… while using a smartphone, nonetheless.


6. Unlike other Android phones, Mi 3 boasts of long battery life.

I always hear people say any smartphone lasts about a day on a fully-charged battery. That’s not true with Mi 3.

Xiaomi boasts of over 500 hours of standby time! That’s more than an entire day’s worth of phone calls (over 24 hours). Even continuous browsing won’t drain your phone’s battery.


7. Enjoy Mi3’s minimalist, classy, and lightweight design.

Many phones look awesome, but they weigh you down. Others have awesome features, but they look clunky and have giant logos that make them look rather cheap.

Mi3Mi 3 wants none of that. It’s as classy as an Android phone gets.

It has a sleek aluminum-magnesium alloy frame that, once again, reminds me of an iPhone. It’s also thin at just a little over 8 mm in thickness. Whew, that’s a really thin phone!


Last (but not the least) reason to buy Mi 3

You now have seven good reasons to buy a Mi3. Here’s one more:


Mi 3 is so much cheaper than any other phone with the same features!

Go ahead; look around and shop for a phone with the same features and the same price. You might find something cheaper, but it won’t look or feel like Xiaomi’s Mi3. You might find a model from another brand with about the same price, but it won’t have the same camera or memory.

Yes, Mi 3 is worth a rave review.


Rating for Mi 3 Phone from Xiaomi:

4.5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended

Summary: This review of Mi 3 phone from Xiaomi by Stef dela Cruz was done on . Mi 3 is a mid-range smartphone with competitive specs and an excellent, feedback-based user interface. Mi 3 offers long battery life, HDR photos, high-definition videos, a 13MP camera, an anti-theft suite, cloud storage, and sleek, minimalist features for just PhP10,599. Given its specs and performance, it is worth every penny, earning a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Now, here’s the bad news: Mi3 might not always be available. (Last August, it took just two hours for all 2,000 Mi 3 phones to get sold out at Lazada!)

Xiaomi Mi 3Get your Mi 3 before stocks run out! Which they will very soon. Believe me.

Don’t forget: You can get a PhP200 discount. Just follow these instructions.

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Good news is, Lazada still has stocks now, so get your hands on one before stocks run out! Note: Right now, Mi 3 is not available anywhere else in the Philippines; the only way you can get one right now is via Lazada. Happy shopping and congratulations in advance on your super-affordable super-phone!


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