August 06, 2015

Philips Airfryer: Is It Worth the Cost?

Yes, the Philips Airfryer is quite fancy. But would I spend my moolah on it?

It's a question I had to ask myself because frankly, I'm not about to dish out PhP14,000 for any kitchen appliance. With my humble writer’s wages, I can't afford it!

But when you want to save money, you're going to have to do smarter than just look at the tag price.

If you use the Philips Airfryer in lieu of a stove for cooking, how much will you save on electricity? How much will you save on meds for diabetes, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, and weight loss because you're finally eating healthy, homemade food that didn't swim and meet its untimely kitchen demise in cooking oil?

Philips-AirfryerSee how small it is?
Imagine your kitchen with just this.
No bulky stove, oven toaster, or microwave.

“The digital quick-clean airfryer costs PhP15,995. It's quick-clean because it has a non-stick surface,” shared Reah Ronsayro, Philips Home Living business development manager. “The manual airfryer costs PhP13,995.”

Before you roll your eyes and resign to sticking with your low-tech, oil-guzzling frying pans, take note: With the Philips Airfryer, you spend just a third of the time it takes you to cook the old-fashioned way.

Reah Ronsayro“Using the Philips Airfryer costs just PhP19 per hour’s worth of electricity.”
– Reah Ronsayro of Philips


Deep-fry to Air-fry: Ready to Make the Big Switch?

Just in case you're as much of a tightwad as I am, here's more good news: you can get the Philips Airfryer for as much as 40 percent off! “The Big Switch promo allows you to swap any turbo broiler, deep fryer, or frying pan set – working or not, and of any brand – for a black manual Philips Airfryer at 30 percent off. If you want to swap for the white manual airfryer, you get a bigger discount of 40 percent.”

The Big Switch lasts until August 31, 2015, valid in all True Value stores nationwide.

Still not convinced? You can use the airfryer as a hardworking kitchen multitasker as it can replace not just your frying pans, but also your turbo broiler, microwave, and oven toaster!

electric stoveNow that I’ve seen the airfryer, all other cooking tools seem ugly. Geez, airfryer, you made me a snob. 

Now, it's starting to make sense to “spend more” on the Philips Airfryer because you're actually spending less, yes?


Meet Erwan Heussaff – he’s hot, he cooks, and he uses the Philips Airfryer

Erwan Heussaff, an entrepreneur who knows his way around the kitchen – around the whole restaurant and six others in the Philippines, in fact – cooked dinner for me and 14 other guests as a way of sharing with us the wonder that is the Philips Airfryer.

Erwan HeussaffI asked Erwan many questions about his life in the kitchen and outside of it. Here’s what happened:


What happens when you ask Erwan Heusaff questions

Want to know all about how the nifty Philips Airfryer can help you lose weight, manage diabetes, and eat your favorite food without the guilt? Here’s how:

 The healthier alternative to deep-frying

Don’t miss out! Click away, techie, and find out how technology can bring together smart people who look good and healthy food that tastes good.


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