August 08, 2015

Sony Smart B-Trainer: A Runner’s Multitasking Go-To Gadget

Never heard of Sony’s Smart B-Trainer before? I know what you’re thinking: It’s just another one of those expensive, wearable running gadgets.

Okay, it is an expensive, wearable running gadget. However, it’s so much more.

Smart B-TrainerIf the Smart B-Trainer wasn’t awesome, it wouldn’t make it to our website, would it now?

Of course, don’t just take my word for it. Allow me to tell you a little bit more about the Sony Smart B-Trainer.


Smart B-Trainer: Four things you ought to know

Getting to know a new gadget can be frustrating. You go to the store and you think you know what you’re looking at, only for you to realize once you get home that you still don’t understand what it’s really about.

Funny how a smart gadget can make you feel stupid! I know the feeling.

Here are four things I do understand about the little complex techie invention that is the Smart B-Trainer. If you like running, get ready to fall in love.


1. It’s smarter than your music player

smart gadget for runners

Have you ever heard of a music player that speeds up if you’re moving too slow, just to get you to move faster? Yeah, me neither – until I saw the Smart B-Trainer in action.

Allet Velves“With Sony’s Smart B-Trainer, you hear a voice that coaches you if your heart rate is either too slow or too fast,” shared Sony Product Manager Allet Velves during the press launch. “It also helps you adjust your tempo by selecting music based on its beat.”

We do tend to dance to the music’s tempo, don’t we? The rationale is that we also tend to run as fast (or as slow) as the music we listen to.

Yes, we can manually choose our music if we want to speed up or slow down, but then again, that would take a lot of adjusting and tweaking. The Smart B-Trainer does it automatically by measuring your heart rate as you run, adjusting with more accuracy than you because it doesn’t have to play things by ear – pun intended.


2. It’s a crazy multitasking maniac

smartbtrainer Here’s someone who can cook: Erwan Heussaff! He uses a really neat gadget for cooking, by the way.

Runners who want to monitor their progress wear a heart rate strap, earphones (for music), and GPS watch, while also carrying a smartphone. Wouldn’t life be so much simpler if there was just one gadget to do the work of all these contraptions?

“With the Smart B-Trainer, you need just one unit. There’s no need to bring your smartphone with you. It’s so smart that it can do the job of six devices,” explains Velves.

Curious what all six gadgets are? Here you go: heart rate monitor, acceleration monitor, GPS, compass, gyro, and barometer.

I told you. Maniac.


3. Unlike many earphones, it stays put – and you won’t even feel it’s there

Sony runner earphones

I absolutely hate having to wear earphones because they hurt my ears. Headphones? I hate them a whole lot more – they give me a tension headache because they squeeze my skull.

I honestly can’t imagine having to run while wearing either!

Finicky people like me don’t have to put up with earphones or headphones – the Smart B-Trainer fits much more comfortably. Thanks to its unique shape, it doesn’t budge, either.

“It’s made of soft material and it has a comfortable fit,” says Velves. It uses a neckband-style housing: The strap rests on your nape as it uses your ears to stay anchored.

It was designed not to slip, either. You can say no to earphones cramping your style! The ear buds actually come in different sizes so that you can choose one that’s perfect for you.

Jaymie PizarroLet’s hear what Jaymie Pizarro, a.k.a. The Bull Runner, has to say: “I’ve been using it for a month. You really forget that you're wearing it because it's light.”

Best news of all is that it’s just 43 grams light. That’s the weight of a handful of gummy bears!


4. It comes in yummy colors

sony running gadget

Yummy colors? Well, why didn’t I say so in the first place?

I know, I know – I’m a sucker for gadgets in cute colors, too. But even if this one looked ugly as hell, it would still be a winner for runners.

It comes in the usual black color if you don’t want to draw attention to yourself. However, it also comes in white, blue, lime green, and – hold your breath – pink! *mini cheer*

You’re going have to pre-order your Smart B-Trainer if you want it in these colorful versions. Which color would you want yours to be?


Loving the Smart B-Trainer? Or hating it?

Sony Smart TrainerPre-selling price: PhP10,999
Regular price: PhP12,999

You might be wondering, will I spend that kind of money on a running gadget? Read my answer here.

What gadget/s do you use while running or jogging? Are you the proud owner of the Smart B-Trainer from Sony? If you have any feedback, good or bad, about the Smart B-Trainer, do share it with us via a comment below.


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