October 30, 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus vs Acer Liquid X2: Rich Kid vs Middle-Class Yuppie?

In the previous write-up, we tried to find out what Acer Liquid X2 had to offer the hardworking yuppie. It’s time we got to know Samsung’s bet for the Android-loving conyo who won’t mind dishing out more moolah: the Galaxy S6 Edge+ phablet.

Samsung Galaxy UnpackedTwo months ago, Samsung released the Galaxy S6 Edge+ worldwide. With a price tag of PhP39,990, is this phablet for you?


What’s Special About Samsung

If you have the money to burn, why not spend it on an Android believed to be the best in its class?

Samsung Galaxy Philippine launch 2015I’ve seen what Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus can do during the Philippine launch on August 14, 2015 at Marriott Hotel.

Samsung doesn’t just think of it as a benchmark-worthy phone, and perhaps rightfully so. This phablet also boasts of a dual-edged screen (just like its not-much-older counterpart, the Galaxy S6 Edge).

I’ve always wondered why Galaxy S6 Edge+ was launched just months after S6 Edge. If I had purchased Galaxy S6 Edge and I found out that Samsung came out with a bigger, better Galaxy S6 Edge+ less than a year after, I would be royally disappointed.

For me, forty thousand bucks on a phone that gets an updated version just after five months is not money well spent. I would have nicknamed the earlier phone the Galaxy S6 Edge minus in a fit of anger due to buyer’s remorse.

Still, there will be people who won’t mind. In fact, they’ll be quite happy with a new gadget, even if it came hard on the heels of its predecessor phone. Some might even go as far as to say the S6 Edge+ is absolutely not “just a slightly better version” of S6 Edge.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge PlusWhat’s the “plus” in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus all about?

Here are a few of the features of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus:

  • Big screen (bigger than Edge) at 5.7 inches
  • Thinner at 6.9mm
  • Better video features (video stabilization which Samsung has nicknamed Steady Video, for both front and back cameras; video collage capabilities, and video live streaming, whether privately among friends or publicly via YouTube Live)
  • Better sound (UHQ audio, which practically gives you a “realistic sound” of what you’re listening to)
  • Wireless charging, which can be done using any wireless charger/ pad (wireless charging takes 2 hours while old-fashioned wired charging takes 30 minutes less time)
  • The dual-edged screen, of course!


Samsung’s dual-edged screen: a double-edged sword?

Am I loving the dual curve display? To be honest, not so much. It did pique my interest, but it also gives me serious hand cramps.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+The dual-edged screen seems to me like a cool but unnecessary feature – it’s really neat, but I can live without it for now.

In the future, the dual curve display just might become as indispensable as WiFi connectivity, but until then, I will treat it as a superfluous novelty meant mainly for the hardcore gadget aficionado who doesn’t want to get left behind.

Paging my brother, Adrian: this just might be the gadget for you. It’s probably fate, not coincidence, that your birthday was on the same date as the global and local launch of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus!


So, who’s your bae - and what’s your brand?

Who’s your bae, Sam or Ace? More importantly, which brand would you bet your money on, Samsung or Acer?

Is it fair to compare a mid-range phone to one that excels in its category? Probably not. But then again, very few things in life are fair – and we still end up with choices to make, don’t we?

Whatever you choose depends on what you’re looking for, of course. If you don’t mind shelling out a whole lot of money for an Android phone that’s hailed for being best in its class, then Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ it is. If you’re hoping to be frugal while still looking for a high-quality phone, then it’s Acer Liquid X2 for you.

Acer vs Samsung phabletWhat’s your brand? Which one is your smartphone? 

Have you ever seen your friend use either phone – and have you ever felt a teensy bit envious? I have to ask – hey, this blog is all about #techenvy, after all.

Share your thoughts in a comment, won’t you? If you’ve used either the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ or Acer Liquid X2, I would love to pick your brain. It just might help me choose my next bae.


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